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Sip and Savor: Happy Hour Delights and Early Dinners at Jack's Canteen in Red Hill

Welcome to the new heart of Red Hill, where Craft, Comfort, and the Great Outdoors come together at Jack's Canteen, THE Summer Pop Up of 23/24.

As the warm breeze graces the picturesque Red Hill Brewery, we invite you to indulge in an enchanting experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Join us for Happy Hour and early dinners, where every moment is a celebration of good times and great flavors.

Craft and Comfort Unleashed:

Step into the laid-back charm of Jack's Canteen, an extension of the beloved Jack Frost Restaurant at Mt Hotham.

Nestled at the iconic Red Hill Brewery, our menu is a delightful fusion of honest-to-goodness bar food and the refined brews meticulously crafted by Red Hill Brewery.

From the crowd favourite "Let it Rip" beer-battered Flathead Tacos to the robust Smoked Cheddar & Jalapeno Bratwurst with smokey Ale Mustard, each dish is a testament to the harmony of Casual and Craft.

Twilight Hours and Tranquil Vibes:

Immerse yourself on the gorgeous deck of this hidden treasure, The Red Hill Brewery, Red Hill South, where the sun sets behind the gum trees, transforming the space into a serene haven.

As the twilight hours unfold, enjoy cool vibes, a refreshing beer in hand, and the camaraderie of good company.

Jack's Canteen, akin to Hotham's Davenport Village, promises an unforgettable experience where Craft, Comfort, and the Great Outdoors converge.

Meet the Faces Behind the Flavor:

At the heart of Jack's Canteen are familiar faces – Sarah, Lisa, and Sean – the warm and welcoming team from Hotham. Now, they're ready to serve and greet you at Red Hill South. If you've crossed paths with them at Mount Hotham, seize the opportunity to reconnect and say hello.

Happy Hour Bliss:

Head on in during our Happy Hour, every Thursdays and Friday, where the magic happens. Delight in $5 pots of beer, sip on the refreshing $12 Summer Spritz, and savor the irresistible $1 wings.

Extended Hours for Your Enjoyment:

For the early birds and those seeking a laid-back dinner, we've extended our bar and kitchen hours from Jan 1st to Jan 28th.

Jack's Canteen welcomes you seven days a week, ensuring there's always a perfect time to sip, savor, and celebrate. Kitchen opens 11am and serves food all day until 7pm.

Plan Your Get-Togethers:

Whether it's a casual catch-up, a special occasion, or an impromptu celebration, Jack's Canteen is the perfect venue.

Enquire about how our delectable food, craft beverages, and exceptional service can elevate your gathering. We're here to turn your moments into memories.

Your Invitation:

Make Jack's Canteen at Red Hill Brewery your go-to spot for the summer of '23 / '24.

Come, sip, savor, and celebrate – Jack's Canteen awaits!

Address: 88 Shoreham Rd, Red Hill South VIC 3937

Phone: (03) 5989 2959



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