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Salt, King & Hall, giving it their all - the best rated restaurant at Mount Hotham.

Jack Frost sits at the crown of the lodges of Mount Hotham, and upstairs the restaurant has become the ultimate culinary destination of Mount Hotham.

This season the renowned restaurant kitchen is led by the visionary Head Chef Ben Salt who works with Sous Chef Carson King, cook Clay Hall, and their exceptional kitchen team to provide an outstanding dining experience for passionate snow goers with fine taste in food, cocktails and wine.

The Jack Frost philosophy is that food is best enjoyed when shared, and the menu reflects this philosophy. This season, the favourite starter dishes have been our new taco plates. Guests rave about the Halloumi, Mango with Jalapéno Salsa or the Baja Fish Tacos - with 3 per serve, they're a perfect at Aprés, or shared starter amongst a few.

Delight in a diverse selection of shared plates, designed to bring people together and create unforgettable moments of culinary joy. The menu moves from smaller shared plates bursting with flavour to exquisite larger dishes, each plate is a masterpiece crafted with precision and care.

Most can't go past the crispy Pork Belly or the Yuzu Verde Lamb Backstrap with pomegranate and goat's feta, but Head Chef Ben Salt is most proud of the Chicken Katsu Curry - a recipe he learned from years working with authentic Japanese chefs.

Be sure to check out the Dessert of the day, as we write, guests are raving about the delicious Apple and Date Tart and the fantastic service staff at the restaurant.

Check out for yourself, what's been said in recent google reviews.

But Jack Frost isn't just about incredible food. It's a place where the art of mixology thrives, making it the go-to spot for the perfect cocktail or Aprés session.

Once the bar opens at 4pm, the experience at Jack Frost goes beyond just a culinary excellence. It's a vibrant hub of entertainment into the later hours of the night, you'll find live music performances that add a touch of magic to your snow holiday at Mount Hotham. For those seeking unique and unforgettable experiences, you'll enjoy the weekly silent disco events, acoustic live music session, spicy DJ events and one-of-a-kind events like a drag show - there is everything for a great night out at Jack Frost this season.

They say "you'll come for the food and stay for the party"

Book a table and experience Jack Frost yourself.

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